Frequently Asked Questions..

The skip bin can be filled to the rim of the bin only. No exceptions. Overloaded bins are a great risk to the operator, lifting equipment and other road users during transportation. When the bin is loaded ask yourself this question, “would I like to drive behind a truck carrying this on the road?”

If you overfill the bin the excess will be removed and left at the side of the skip, in order to be placed in an additional skip bin. Charges apply.

You cannot put anything that is considered dangerous, hazardous or requires a permit to move into the skip bin. We do not transport hazardous, toxic, restricted or regulated waste. Examples of such items include asbestos, tyres, liquids such as oil, paint or thinners, noxious chemicals, herbicides and pesticides, medical waste, explosives and gas cylinders, tree stumps or branches over 25cm circumference. Household food waste and nappies are also not allowed.

Yes, As hirer your responsible for the bin in your care this includes (but not limited to) ensuring no hazardous materials are placed in the bin, the bin is not overloaded, no fires are lit in the bin, the non movement of the bin, the security of the bin, any damage to the bin and access to the bin, Charges may apply should any of these occur.

If you overfill the bin the excess will be removed and left at the side of the skip, in order to be placed in an additional skip bin. Charges apply.

Our standard hire is 10 days/9nights, that is if we drop off on a Friday we pick up on the following Thursday. If you fill the bin up earlier just call us and we will come and collect it.

Payment can be made at the checkout with, credit card or EFTPOS.

Depending on your location, urgency and our workload, delivery can vary from a few hours to the next day. We will advise when you book as to the approximate delivery time. We will also keep in touch should this vary to any great degree.

By engaging the services of Bosh bins you agree to indemnify Bosh bins, the company and employees from any responsibility, legal action or liability in relation to any damage caused in the delivery or recovery of our skip. Further you agree by engaging our service to ensure that the delivery and recovery points are safe and unobstructed.

Make sure you have allowed enough space and access for our truck. Advise your contractors to leave room for delivery and pickup of the skip bin. Check there are no hanging trees or powerlines and that a seven metre clearance area has been allowed as required to comply with occupational health and safety. Please do not start a rubbish pile where your skip bin needs to be placed.

As a general rule, no, however it may be possible to obtain a permit from your local council. We will require a copy of the permit prior to placing the bin in the street or kerb.

No, we will endeavour to place the bin in your requested position. It must remain in that location until pickup and it is not to be moved by any means or method other than our staff and trucks. A bin that is moved may suffer damage, moved bins will incur an additional charge.

You agree that if you engage our services to ensure we have access to deliver and/or pick up our bin in one attempt. Should we not be able to delivery and or pick up within 10 minutes of our arrival it will be deemed a fuitile attempt and we will be entilted to costs. Currently costs are Gold Coast $88.00, Tweed Region $110.00 Brisbane Region $176.00.

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