How it all works

Our full vending service provides fully stocked vending machines to any business, organisation or place of work, completely lease free and at no cost to you.

To ensure that your vending machines are an ongoing asset to your business or organisation, we provide a full service and maintenance of all vending machines, including restocking regularly, repairing and maintenance to provide a completely hassle free vending experience. We provide a wide range of modern vending machines and a wide range of healthy drink and snack options to suit every requirement

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Simply fill in the form below or drop us a call to discuss your vending needs. We’ll respond to your enquiry quickly. We’re also happy to arrange an on-site appointment to customise the best vending solution for you.

We will help you with your needs

We’ll work with you to select the machine that is best suited to your needs. We’ll work with you to customise the snack and drink selections that you prefer.

We install your new vending machine

Your new vending machines will be installed quickly so you can start enjoying the convenience of your new vending machine as soon as possible.

From delivery, installation, through to restocking your machines, we take care of everything

At Your Choice not only do we supply and deliver quality vending machines to your site, we also take the hassle out of managing the process too.

Our comprehensive service includes:

Secure Cash Management

With a safe, regular cash pick ups carried out by our team

Managing Vendor Deliveries

Making sure your chosen snacks and drinks brands are delivered in the size and flavour you want.

Prompt Repairs

So your vending machine always operates at an optimal level. We aim for all repairs to be carried out the same day, however calls received late in the day will be attended to the next day.

Frequent Restocking

Ensuring your machine is always well stocked with your selection of healthy choices, light meals, plus drinks and snacks, with no restocking fees.


We’re fully covered by $20M public liability insurance

Machine Replacement

If your machine needs repairing and the projected service time is not acceptable, we will provide you with a replacement machine.

Lease Free Vending Machines

We’ll recommend and install your vending machines for free, no contracts, absolutely no more to pay

Flexible Product Selections

If you decide to change your stock requirements at any time, according to the different seasons or your customers’ tastes, we can help with that too.

No need to worry about insurance

For your reassurance Meals Vending is covered for $20M public liability, while our equipment is covered for fire, flood, and theft and our employees are covered by a workers compensation policy.

Wide range of payment options available:

Success stories

“Well, this is excellent. Thank you. Who thought vending machines could be so easy?”

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